How many types lipstick there? What distinctive features

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How many types of lipstick are there? What distinctive features does each type have?

Before using lipstick to add color and brightness to your lips. Do you know yet? How many types of lipstick are there? And what distinctive properties does each type have? If you don’t know yet, let’s get to โปรโมชั่น ufabet know the 6 types together.

1. Cream lipstick

It’s a lipstick that can give you clear, bold colors. With pigments packed into and can draw color onto the lips evenly and smoothly Which will make your lips look beautiful and full that anyone who sees them will be fascinated. In addition, if used together with the same color lip liner pencil. It will add outstandingness perfectly. It also helps keep the color from staining outside its range.

2. That gives shine

It’s a lipstick that has tiny glitter ingredients. This will make your lips look beautifully glowing. Both are shiny and look plumper as well. But there are some prohibitions. That is, never use it on lips that are dry and flaking. Because the defects can be seen very clearly.

3. Lip gloss and tints

Lip gloss and tints Can add color to the lips beautifully. It also helps add shine. Make your lips look even more beautiful. But they must be used together at all times. That is, apply tint and cover it with lip gloss.

4. Sheer and satin

It’s a lipstick that has a lot of oil ingredients. So it can add luster to the lips. and emphasize the colors more clearly and perfectly It also keeps the lips moisturized all the time. Therefore, it that has popular for a long time. Anyone who wants to wear bright colore But I don’t want it to be too sticky. This type of lipstick is right for you.

5. Frosty

It’s a lipstick that has a little sparkle. Like the sparkle of a pearl But you must choose the color of lipstick to match your skin tone. To achieve the most perfect beauty

6. Matte

Lipstick that can provide clear color. Both make the lips look noticeably slimmer. However, it may also cause your lips to become dry and lack moisture. Therefore, it should be used together with lip balm. To always add moisture to the lips.

We’ve already gotten to know the types. Now if you want to apply to make your lips look more beautiful as you want. Don’t forget to choose the type of lipstick that suits your needs. Then you will definitely get satisfactory results from applying.