Wolverhampton Wanderers and Newcastl interested in Ramsey

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Wolverhampton Wanderers and Newcastl interested in Ramsey. Wolverhampton Wanderers and Newcastle have shown interest in Wales midfielder Aaron Ramsey. Hope to draw from Juventus back to play in the Premier League this season.

Ramsey has struggled with his best form in Serie A. They also suffer from frequent injuries. This makes it less popular with Juventus fans. Although the arrival of new coach Massimiliano Allegri is unclear about the 30-year-old midfielder’s future.

Italian newspaper Calciomercato reports that Wolverhampton Wanderers have shown interest in Ramsey, despite scoring just six goals for Juventus in the past 65 games. And failed in the role of attacking midfielder under the supervision of both Maurizio Sarri and Andrea Pirlo, two previous trainers.

Meanwhile, Goal reports that Newcastle United have also questioned the possibility of a move for Ramsey. But no offers have been made official Because the main problem is the wages that are currently being accepted with Juventus at the level of 400,000 pounds per week. The reason for the high wages is because the contract came without a fee. After the end of his contract with Arsenal two years ago.