Mascherano prepares to fly to talk Manchester United about Garnacho.

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Javier Mascherano, coach of the Argentina U-20 national team. Set to travel to England to speak with Manchester United about the Alejandro Carnacho controversy.

The 18-year-old has progressed into Erik ten Hag’s squad this season and has impressed. Most recently suffered an ankle injury and has not played since mid-March. But it is expected that the referee will return before the end of this season.

Recently, however, Carnacho has listed in the preliminary team of “Blue-White” to do the U-20 battle. The World Championship kicks off on May 20. Meaning he will miss the final two games of the season. UFABET Including the FA final game if the team can get past Brighton.

Earlier, it was reported that the Red Devils were trying to block Carnacho from joining the team. While the Argentinian football federation refused to do so.

Now, The Telegraph reports Mascherano is set to travel to England on Monday. To meet United officials in an attempt to get Carnacho off before the season ends.

Mascherano will also travel to Manchester City and Brighton to negotiate a similar situation for Maximo Perrone and Fagundo Buonanotte.

However, Alejandro Carnacho is currently recovering from an ankle injury. and did not play in the last 7 matches this season He made an outstanding performance. Under Erik ten Hag, he scored 5 goals and provided 6 assists in 31 appearances, with most of them getting the chance to turn the game around as a substitute.