Manchester United try to drop an offer for Messi

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Manchester United try to drop an offer for Messi. Manchester United are not the favorites and have not been linked with Lionel Messi lately. But will try to drop an offer to the Argentine forward to consider.

According to The Sun, Manchester United are considering making an offer to Messi.

He is now a free agent and has confirmed that he will not sign a new contract with Barcelona, ​​with the Paris Saint-Germain favorites. The waiting to grab Manchester United are reportedly offering Messi a two-year contract with a salary of €672,000 a week. 

It is highest in the club and the highest in the Premier League ever. Even knowing that the chances of competing with other teams in the race for the former Barcelona captain are slim. Manchester United have shown great ambition to sign Jadon Sancho and Rafael Varane this summer.

 Therefore wanting to be part of the teams that offer offers to Messi, although reports from many agencies indicate that the Parc des Princes is the next place for the Argentine striker.