Luis Suarez insisted has not shown a spectacle aim Ronald Koeman

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Atletico Madrid forward Luis Suarez has insisted he has not shown a spectacle of joy with the aim of retaliating against Ronald Koeman.

At home to Barcelona 2-0 in La Liga on Saturday night, Rojblancos has now picked up 17 points from eight games.

After the game, there were questions to Suarez about the joy of picking up the phone. Which the media saw as a gesture of retaliation for Ronald Koeman for letting the Uruguayan striker leave the Camp Nou.

“I am happy with the victory of the team. Which is what we want. Barcelona is a special team for me. But my job is to give 100 per cent for Atletico and we do everything to get the three points.

“(Rejoicing) It’s a gesture for the people I know. I am using the same number and I am still using that phone. It wasn’t a gesture that was directed towards Kuman, not at all.

“I didn’t show my heart full of joy because I respect Barcelona.”