Bayern Munich were shocked at home by Gladbach 2-1.

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Bayern Munich lost their first game of 2022 at home. After being beaten by arch-rivals Gladbach 2-1 on Friday night.

Bayern Munich football team had a chance before in the 8th minute. Marcel Sabitzer hit a free-kick against the wall. Serge Gnabry repeatedly follow. But did not pass the hand of Jan Sommer the visiting goalkeeper UFABET

Marcel Sabitzer form Bayern Munich was involve again in the 13th minute. When the ball left the center of the field on Robert Lewandowski. Who fleeing from Gladbach in the box. But the shot was block by Sommer. 

But five minutes later, Thomas Muller passed the ball for Robert Lewandowski to dodge Nico Elwedy and turn the shot into the net to give the hosts a 1-0 lead.  

The visiting team equalized 1-1 in the 27th minute, Joshua Kimmich poked the ball in the direction of Florian Neuhaus immediately, and the ball went through Sven Ulreich’s leg before going into the goal.  

The score turned back to Gladbach, leading 2-1 in the next four minutes, Stefan Leiner retreated to take the flick header from 7 yards and the ball dived into the goal on the left.  

In injury time. Bayern Munich were shocked at home by Gladbach 2-1.

It was Bayern Munich’s chance that Robert Lewandowski fell almost to the back line to make a narrow left-hand corner. The ball indirectly hit the post on the other side, although Thomas Muller thumped again, the ball was blocked by the visiting team’s defensive line again in the first half, Bayern fell to the side 1-2

The second half started for 8 minutes. The Tigers had a chance. Joshua Kimmich threw a corner kick on the left. The ball turned towards the mouth of the door. Jan Sommer smashed it and left it. 

The home team went hard in the 58th minute: Robert Lewandowski moved out to cross the ball into the penalty area, Thomas Muller lifted his foot to poke the ball back to the ground but didn’t pass Sommer’s hand. 

At the end of the 84th minute game, Asane Pela received the ball from a friend. The referee rocked and struck in the penalty area, but the toe of Sven Ulreich intercepted it.

After the game ended, the Tigers could not equalize. therefore losing at home to Gladbach 1-2, but still leading the crowd