be careful! Dirty wooden kitchen utensils Risk of accumulating fungi and germs

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be careful! Dirty wooden kitchen utensils Risk of accumulating fungi and germs.

Dirty wooden kitchen utensils are at risk of harboring mold and germs. It is recommend to clean it regularly. and keep it hygienically

Dr. Suwanchai Wattana Yingcharoenchai Director-General of the Department of Health said that household containers and equipment or restaurant Some types have materials that are mainly made from wood, such as cutting boards, mortars, chopsticks, etc. These tools have a chance of coming into contact with uncooked and wet food, such as raw pork.

Which may lead to the risk of mold that produces aflatoxin. Synths that are harmful to the body Therefore, it must be cleaned regularly. and keep it hygienically By washing wooden kitchen utensils with clean water several times before and after use. 

If it is wooden kitchen utensils used for meat, it must be washed to remove grease stains with dishwashing liquid. Then rinse with clean water. Do not use a dirty cloth to wipe because there is a risk of contaminating food with germs. Then put it in the sun to dry completely. Avoid storing wooden kitchenware in damp places. To prevent moisture from accumulating

For the wooden chopsticks Some consumers may regret it and reuse it. Thinking that cleaning is enough. But in reality, chopsticks are made from wood. If stored unhygienically Stored in a humid place is at risk for mold. When used to hold food. 

It may cause contamination, so cooks and consumers must pay attention to cleaning. or storing wooden kitchen utensils to prevent mold and germs follow. You should choose chopsticks that are not painted. or coated with lacquer. Report from