Since the invention of smartphones and 4G, we have moved on from using desktop computers and laptops to handy mobile gadgets in our hands. Computers and laptops are still relevant in this day and age, but smartphones took the world by storm with its convenience and fancy mobile apps.

In the topic of mobile apps, many advantages come with using mobile apps. Some might even say they’re better than using websites! We’ll let you decide:

They work faster

If the mobile app designer does an excellent job in designing and creating an app, then it wouldn’t be a surprise for the app to perform actions quicker than a website. Mobile apps usually store data in the device, unlike sites that use web servers. This saves time by storing a user’s preferences.

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You can receive notifications

If you’re just like the rest of us, you’re carrying a smartphone wherever you go. If you have a smartphone always in your hand, you can choose to stay updated with whatever’s going on your mobile app by enabling notifications. With websites on computers, you’ll only be notified when you turn on your desktop.

It works offline

From entertainment and work, our lifestyle relies heavily on the internet. Without the internet, most of us can’t do our jobs. However, mobile apps can still function without a connection to the internet. Websites, on the other hand, can’t even load.

They are convenient

As long as you have a 4G connection, you can use your favourite mobile apps whenever you want, wherever you want. With the compact size of smartphones, it makes it easy for us to perform any task with just a simple tap or swipe. You can’t possibly take a computer anywhere and do the same thing.


Even with the benefits of mobile apps, we’re not saying that they’re superior over desktop computers. They each have their own strengths, and we should utilise them as we see fit.

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