Every Malaysian that has a driving license has likely received a traffic fine at least once in their lives. The most common tickets Malaysians had to pay for are speeding and illegal parking offenses. Depending on how early you pay for your traffic fine, you can pay lesser than the actual rate.

But what’s the most expensive traffic ticket a driver can get in Malaysia? Despite the high price to pay, you’ll be surprised at how many Malaysians are still committing these traffic offences.

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Too many passengers in your vehicle

You might have to reconsider if you’re thinking about carrying more than your car’s maximum capacity. Fitting too many people into a car is illegal and you can receive a traffic ticket for it. You should also not overload your car with too many items that may block your car’s rear view mirror.

Traffic fine amount: RM300

Driving in the emergency lane

When stuck in traffic, we’ve all thought about using the emergency lane to cut queue. As tempting as it may be, driving, parking or towing a car at the shoulder is illegal unless there’s a real emergency. This traffic offence is very common during the holiday season.

Traffic fine amount: RM300

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Not wearing seat belts

Although it wasn’t compulsory for passengers at the back seat to wear seat belts in the past, it is now a must for both drivers and all passengers. Not wearing seat belts doesn’t affect other people on the road, but it is against the law for not complying with basic safety guidelines while driving.

Traffic fine amount: RM300

Preventing cars from overtaking

Not only will others consider you to be rude to purposely block others from overtaking, but it can also cause you to be RM300 poorer if authorities catch you doing the deed.

Traffic fine amount: RM300

Using smartphones or other devices while driving

Nowadays, you can easily look out your car window and spot a driver next to you using their smartphones. No matter how important your messages or calls are, you should only reply to them after you’re off the road. If you have to answer a call, use a Bluetooth earphone or loudspeaker.

Traffic fine amount: RM300


Traffic laws exist to keep drivers in order and safe. Breaking them puts your life at risk and could result in accidents that you may regret.

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