When you want to hire a new employee, you will first make a recruitment activity where you try to attract a group of individuals to apply for positions that need to be filled out. If you succeed in attracting a number of applicants, you may choose a suitable application for the group. Once you have selected the applicants, in the end, you will have to choose between the two best candidates. Here are tips on choosing between the two best candidates based on Jobstreet Philippines ;

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Intelligence refers to the level of intellect and practical ability of workers in addressing the challenges of the work environment. The basic way an employer evaluates the level of intelligence is through the way a question is asked, whether it’s a wise question or another. Intelligence in this context means the ability to plan, organize, set priorities, solve problems and to complete the given tasks. The curiosity and asking questions also highlight the character of the intelligence. This is how the best candidate is chosen. The more they ask good questions and hear the answers, they will learn more and quickly on the work and task scope.

Leadership Capability

Leadership is the willingness to accept responsibility for making decisions. It is the ability to care, to volunteer for one’s work and to receive accountability in achieving the desired results from the involvement with the relevant tasks. A candidate who demonstrate a higher willingness to be a leader in the organization by offering great efforts and strive for achieving the goals of the company and finding strategies to achieve those goals is the best candidate an employer should hire.


It is the most important quality for long-term success in life, especially in the workplace. The level of self-integrity can be assessed through the extent to which you are honest with yourself. If you can be honest with yourself, you will also be honest with everyone including employers and office colleagues. You are ready to acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses. You are prepared to acknowledge the mistakes made when performing a task. Honest, trustworthy and positive are mutual. It distinguishes your quality with other employees. Hence, the best candidate is the one who possessed high level of integrity.

All in all

In finding a perfect candidate for a job or as a worker, the most important is who they really are. It does not matter whether physical skills (writing fast / shorthand, efficiently photocopying, painting or others) or mental skills (smart, creative, critical and creative thinking skills etc.), one needs to outline the benefits they have so the employer will notice and accept them. Find the best employee for your company or organization with JobStreet. Follow this link to find out more. https://www.jobstreet.com.ph/en/cms/employer/