So here’s a tried and tested, this Shaves2U review is about the razor that some readers requested a few days ago. If you have been following Shaves2u’s social media account you’re gonna be shocked by the price of this product.

I have tried a lot of different brands over the years purely because I never really found a perfect razor brand for myself. Shaving can be a pain as I need to shave daily for work but with my old blades I always ended up with cuts, rash, and skin irritation all the time. I used to hate even the thought of shaving.

Recently, I have seen a Facebook ad for Shaves2u, so I clicked on it for more info. I saw them offering a trial kit for just S$5 and thought I would try it and see. I selected the 5 Blade Cartridge razor.

Wow, from the first impression, this impressive package arrived. The blades inside looked so different than what I had used before, so I was a little dubious.

The Kit Is So Nice!

Shaves2u Trial Kit | Cathy

Next morning I shaved and was immediately impressed, from the first stroke of the blade on my face, I felt straight away how good this Shaves2u product really is, in honesty, it was probably the best shave I’ve ever had.

With Shaves2u I get no pulling on hairs, no tug on the skin, and felt great after shaving. No frustration trying to wash them out either as there’s a big gap between each blade. I didn’t cut myself once, which for my sensitive skin was amazing.

The 5 Blades is Cheaper Compare to Gillette Tho!

Shaves2u Razor Blade

I sometimes get the point of using a new blade, just because I can’t believe it lasted so long, they are that good! One of the simplest advantages of subscribing to the Shaves2u plan is having the blades delivered to my house, and I never have to go shopping for blades anymore. With the blades being able to last so well, sometimes I can get away with using a blade for an extra week or so until the new ones arrive.

The Shaves2u razor isn’t like the leading brands that fall off a cliff and become unusable overnight. Shaves2u has changed the way I shave, days without any skin irritation or cuts are days started better! I dont really recommend other product but seriously for those who want a clean shave, this is my Shaves2U review. Feel it bro! You can check their website and try with their trial version first at