Filling up an empty vacancy isn’t as simple as hiring a random candidate and asking them to get the job done. It’s a complicated process that involves many steps, the cooperation between human resource and other departments, and lots of planning. While it may be a long process, it is a necessary procedure to ensure you hire the right candidate for the job.

The process differs from company to company, but below are the most common steps in the hiring process:

Identify the hiring need

Before anything else, the organisation needs to identify the hiring need. Does the company need to fill a vacant position? Or do they need better management of the team’s workload? Whatever it is, there must be a reason for you to recruit.

Create a recruitment plan

After identifying the need, human resource managers have to think about the specification for the position and how to publicise the job ad. You should also decide who will participate in the interviewing process.

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Publicise the position

You can make a job ad public both in internal settings and in public. You free to use various platforms such as Jobstreet and social media to make your job ad known to the world.

Review the candidates

Once you gathered enough application, it’s time to review the candidates. Although it may be a huge task to filter a large pool of candidates at the beginning, you’ll soon be able to identify the talented ones slowly but surely.

Hold the interview process

After reviewing, you should have narrowed down the qualified candidates. Schedule interviews with them and determine which one of them are the best fit for the company.

Choose the most qualified candidate

Selecting the best applicant can sometimes be tough, but once the company reached a positive decision on a candidate, you can start offering the job to them.


A detailed hiring process is a necessary element for organisation success. An excellent human resource manager will ensure the hiring plan goes smoothly to hire the perfect candidate for the benefit of the company.

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