Stumbling upon red, scaly skin can be frightening to many of us. However, before you diagnose yourself with psoriasis, you could be suffering from other skin conditions. Other than psoriasis, many things can cause rashes on the surface of the skin.

Here are four skin problems that resemble psoriasis, and can fool an untrained eye:


This skin condition starts with a distinct, red or pink patch. It has a fine scale on top and looks finely wrinkled. The rash then turns to brown after a period. The difference between psoriasis and erythrasma is psoriasis is typically redder around the edges of the patches.

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Tinea capitis

This type of skin condition is also known as “ringworm of the scalp.” It is a skin infection caused by a fungus and can spread easily through skin contact, animals, and even inanimate objects. Tinea capitis starts as a scaly lesion that eventually develops a border before extending outwards to create a circular round shape. Hair loss is the most common symptom of tinea capitis.


It’s not surprising to confuse dandruff to scalp psoriasis. While both conditions produce skin flakes on the scalp, the flakes each skin problem produces are different. People with scalp psoriasis produces red, inflamed skin covered with white scales on their head, but dandruff is just white oily flakes. Unlike scalp psoriasis, dandruff is easier to treat.

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You should avoid skin contact with patients diagnosed with scabies, as it is a contagious skin condition. Infestation of tiny mites causes itchiness, little bumps of rash, scaly patches, and thick crusts on the skin. These mites prefer to dwell in hands, fingers, and elbows, Scabies isn’t serious and will go away once treated.

Seek professional help

If you think you have psoriasis or any other skin conditions, always seek immediate medical attention from qualified dermatologists. Make sure to follow their advice!

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