Choosing to stay in a beach resort can be an excellent choice if you’re a fan of the beach or just looking forward to a fun-filled vacation. Unlike typical hotels, beach resorts are close to the ocean, and usually, prepare activities for their guests. For example, Hard Rock Desaru Coast, a beach resort in Johor, prepares live music sessions for their guests.

However, you shouldn’t settle for any beach resort you see. Not all beach resorts offer the same features, and there are various options for you to decide. Not sure how to choose your perfect? Let this article guide you!

Choose a room with an excellent view

Beach resorts often overlook an ocean, but the view isn’t necessarily available for all rooms in the resort. If you’re determined to get an ocean view, request for a beachfront room. It may be more expensive than a standard room, but it’s worth waking up to the sounds of ocean waves.

Make sure it has access to shopping, dining and entertainment

Sure, a beach resort is close to the beach, but does the location also has to fulfil your shopping and dining needs? The perfect beach resort is close to a plaza or a boardwalk and has plenty of food options nearby. It also provides entertainment outlets for the family to enjoy.

Water sports

No beach vacation is complete without some action on the beach. For example, some kayaking, snorkelling or surfing is great to get your adrenaline running and about. If you’re the adventurous type or have a family of kids, choosing a beach resort that provides water sports is an excellent choice.

beach resort in johor

Choose a place with family-friendly amenities

If you have kids, choosing a beach resort can be a little trickier. You want to stay in a resort that’s close to the beach, and you also want it to have amenities suitable for the children. For example, Hard Rock Desaru Coast has the Roxity Kids Club to keep children entertained while their parents to relax.

An environmental-friendly beach resort

Preserving the environment is a significant concern for most people these days, and there’s nothing better than selecting an eco-friendly beach resort. An example of a hotel that cares for the environment is Hard Rock Desaru Coast. The beach resort in Johor uses biodegradable paper straws for all their food and beverage outlets. They also provide refillable water bottles for guests.


Going to a vacation should be both a fun and relaxing experience. Don’t make the mistake of choosing a poor accommodation and ruin your holiday!

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