For more than six decades since its beginning in 1953, AIG Malaysia serves the nation with insurance & risk management solutions that customized and fit the needs of individuals and businesses. With 15 offices nationwide and growing, AIG’s operation is maintained by a big network of brokers, agents, and schemes. These resources has allowed them to deliver premium quality delivery with references to services and exceeds clients’ expectations.

Acknowledging that not a single thing more vital than protection and assurance while confronting the uncertain future, AIG Malaysia comes with a selection of solutions which were ideal for both business and personal needs.


Possessing a property registered under one’s name is actually terrifying without insurance coverage, since it will lead to a substantial loss as soon as unwanted happens. Hence, the Malaysian government makes it mandatory to obtain insurance whenever individuals get a car or even perhaps a house. On the insurer’s side like AIG, they actually do their part by making certain the clients are fully covered from various risks that’s commonly associated with cars and homes.

Nevertheless, in order to protect one’s own well being will be the ultimate necessity. Due to this fact, AIG along with its agents happen to be striving to elevate awareness to the importance of health insurance. This effort looks like fruitful given that the statistics of health insurance coverage and personal accident insurance subscription continues to be showing a positive growth.

For business owners, a high level risk management solutions are supplied. From property insurance to liability insurance, marine insurance, aerospace insurance, in addition to engineering related insurance; firms can subscribe an adaptable yet thorough plan that serves their risk management needs.

The objective to supply a customizable program’s on account of AIG’s knowing that different businesses from different sectors, such as those involved with education, professions, hospitality & leisure, import & export, communications, or media & technology industry, have different risk management demands. Further, they’re informed that scale matters, and thus AIG furthermore has released SME Package for helping protect small companies with economical subscription plan.

Hence, companies as well as people who will be interested to subscribe any sort of protection plan from AIG can certainly receive a quote through their website. Plus, customers may also check out the number of authorized agents near their residing place to receive a more personal service.

AIG Malaysia’s latest strategy is definitely remarkable, since they begin to partner with one of the few prime e-commerce players in the nation, Lazada Malaysia, that allows online insurance purchase inside their partner’s platform. That should ultimately give maximum convenience to subscribers as they are able just buy insurance, get a quick registration, and get the plan activated within 72 hours.