What is autism?

Autism spectrum disorder is a condition identified with brain development that effects how an individual sees and associates with others, causing issues in social interaction and communication. The disorder likewise incorporates restricted and repetitive patterns of behaviour. The expression “spectrum” in autism spectrum disorder alludes to the wide scope of symptoms and seriousness.

Autism symptoms

A few kids show sign of autism disorder in early earliest stages, for example, reduced eye to eye connection, absence of reaction to their name or impassion to parent. Other kids may grow regularly for the first few of months or long periods of life, yet then abruptly turned out to be pulled back or forceful or lose language skills they’ve gained. Signs generally are seen by age 2 years.

A few kids with autism spectrum disorder experience difficulty learning, and some have indications of lower than typical IQ. Other kids with the disorder have typical to high IQ — they learn fast, yet experience difficulty conversing and applying what the know in regular day to day life and changing in accordance with social situations.

When to see a doctor

Children develop at their very own pace, and many don’t follow definite courses of events found in some parenting books. In any case, kids with autism spectrum disorder usually show some signs of delayed development before age 2 years.

In case you’re worried about your kids improvement or you speculate that your kid may have autism spectrum disorder, examine your worries with your doctor or visit autism center to run a diagnosis. The symptoms related with the disorder can likewise be connected with other developmental disorders.

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There’s no way to prevent autism spectrum disorder, but there are treatment and therapy options. Early age diagnosis is most helpful and can improve their behaviour, skills and language development. However, intervention is helpful at any age. Though children usually don’t outgrow autism spectrum disorder symptoms, they may learn to function well.

Autism Link Malaysia

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