Last month while I was asked by my sister to help pay mobile bill of her Digi postpaid plan, a friend asked why we didn’t use the MyDigi App. After some explaining and convincing, I downloaded the mobile app to see what’s up.

If you’re interested to try the app yourself, it is available at the Apple App Store and Google Play store.

MyDigi - Mobile Plan App

The MyDigi app is free and the signup process was quick and simple. After we got that out of the way, I browsed around the app to see the features.

Check and pay bills

With this mobile app, not only can you check data usage of your phone plan, but you also can pay your bills. It’s a more convenient way than running to a store, or logging on the desktop PC, as a smartphone is always with you.

Earn rewards

This is my favourite advantage of downloading the MyDigi app: users of this app get exclusive rewards! Many brands and companies are working with Digi to make these rewards possible, some of them including Baskin Robbins, Golden Screen Cinemas and Watsons.

Get customer service support

A surprise I got after downloading the app is discovering the customer service feature. Apparently, you can contact Digi staff by message if you ever run into problems. I had no problems so far with my Digi account so far, but it’s nice to know I can get help from this app if I do.

An app every Digi user needs

I’m very thankful for my friend for introducing me to this mobile app. Since my sister and I downloaded this app, we can check internet balance, top up our account easily. I hope this article will encourage more people to download the app as it’s such a loss to not own it! Go download MyDigi app from Play Store and Apple Store at