Did you know we spend one-third of our lives sleeping? This fact means that the bedroom is where we spent most of our time in, even if we’re sleeping. We spend so much time in our bedroom, and that’s why we should put in some effort to make our bedroom a pleasant place.

A wall is like a giant canvas for you to unleash your personality and creativity. If four blank walls surround your bed, perhaps it’s time to spice things up. Decorating them is an excellent way to express yourself.

There are many ways to enhance your bedroom walls. If you don’t think you have the creativity to pull it off yourself, check out the tips below:

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Fill up space with a large piece of art

Think decorating takes too much effort and time? Just hang an oversized photograph or artwork. If done correctly, a large picture can act as a focal point and bring an extravagant feeling, even if the room is tiny.

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Hang a mirror

Mirrors are a great decoration piece to put on a wall. Besides their intended purpose, which is to see yourself, they can create a sense of space and amplify light. It is said that a decorator’s secret weapon is a mirror.

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Create a vertical garden

Plants don’t necessarily belong outdoors or on the floor. They have the potential to be on walls as much as other decorative items. And it’s not compulsory to use shelves to display your green foliage; you can hang or frame them!

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A collection of pictures

You can’t really go wrong with this method of decorating your walls. Whether it’s pictures of your family members or pieces of your favourite artworks, as long as they bring you peace of mind before you sleep, they get to be on the wall.

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Paint your walls

Can’t find a picture or a decorative item to convey your personality and feeling to your bedroom? Try to bring out your inner artist and paint a mural in your bedroom. You’ll probably end up having a fun time painting and feeling satisfied with your end product as you’re most likely going to paint something you love.

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More storage space

Perhaps making your walls more aesthetically pleasing isn’t your primary goal, then you can consider adding a cabinet or shelves to store your items. The best thing about this is there’s nothing wrong with having more storage space.


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