Staying in touch is hard work. We may meet so many cool people through our lives and it isn’t easy to be constantly caught up in how each of their lives is going. Let’s face it, we do want to know, but we can’t keep up at all times.

Here are some habits that you can follow to avoid losing friends as you go along with your life.

Send memories

It’s always a good idea to share the good times that you’ve had with your friends. It brings back all the joy and fun of the time. For instance, a picture, an item or anything that reminded you of the incident or memory. The resurfaced of memories is an extremely convenient method to reconnect with your friends. Sometimes, little things will be a boost of energy to your friendship. You must’ve kept polaroid films or a memory box somewhere in your room. Keep it out and remind your friends about it.

Call them

When was the last time you met or talked to them on the phone? No matter how busy life gets on your side, a phone call wouldn’t hurt anyone. Not even your time and presence in their lives. What it’ll do more is strengthening your friendship further. Find a time, and give them a call. You could talk for hours, or even days just to catch up on one another. If you’re looking for a great mobile plan, check out Digi #borakje for free calls that you can enjoy every day.

Handwritten messages or items

Who doesn’t love receiving postcards, handwritten letters or homemade items? Everything has now made easy for everyone to connect, but every once in a while, a little gesture may keep the bond even stronger. You can always opt for home-baked cookies, with a letter of “Thank You”.

Plan activities together

Get together once in a week or month is a good activity to do with your friends. We may never know how much closeness it will bring to the friendship. It will slowly become a routine between each other, hence, you’re always seeing one another to do something fun. More memories will be created as well.

Keep them forever

Don’t fret about losing them when you are doing the efforts to be in their lives. Always remember that one good friend is worth more than anything. Keep them closer by communicating, meeting and appreciating one another. Visit to enjoy the free calls from Digi mobile plan!