Desaru is a coastal resort area located at the Southeastern of Johor Bahru. It has one of the best beaches in Johor and attracts tourists mainly from the local country and Singapore. The best time to visit Desaru is from April to October without the monsoon winds and rains lashing the coast.

Don’t expect an exciting nightlife or fancy restaurants here, as Desaru is mainly for a relaxing beach vacation. However, there are other interesting activities you can in the area too:

Desaru Ostrich Farm

Take the chance to get close and personal with more than 100 of ostriches at this farm. With just the admission fees of RM12 and RM8 for adults and children respectively, you can spend an educational time with the largest birds in the world.

Caretakers and guides of the farm will explain to you facts about the ostriches, and even show you the ostriches’ eggs. If you’re feeling adventurous, riding on an ostrich is an optional activity. You can shop for products and crafts related to giant birds.

desaru hard rock

Desaru Fruit Farm

If you’re interested in learning the flora and fruits of Malaysia, visiting the Desaru Fruit Farm may be a good choice for you. The farm is 180 acres wide and is the home for over 100 fruits. There’s also a mini zoo inside the farm if you love seeing animals!

Unfortunately, you can’t pick the fruits off the trees in the garden. You can, however, buy them fresh from their stores!

Teluk Sengat Crocodile Farm

If you’re not a fan of cold-blooded reptiles, the Teluk Sengat Crocodile Farm may be the last place you’ll want to visit. But where else can you see thousands of crocodiles in an area?

The crocodile farm is the home to thousands of saltwater crocodiles, including a toothless 130-year-old crocodile passed from the owner’s grandfather. It’s an exciting place to visit if you’re a thrillseeker.

Restoran Terapung Seafood Bujang Firefly

If you don’t understand Malay, ‘restoran terapung’ means floating restaurant. The restaurant is named that way because the dishes are served on a floating boat to customers. Beautiful nature and waters also surround the restaurant, creating a peaceful environment to dine in.

When you finished your meal, you also have the option to go on a firefly cruise at the same location. The restaurant offers firefly tours around the mangrove swamp, where can see fireflies glow in their natural habitat.


Desaru is a great place to visit for an exciting weekend-getaway with your friends and family. There are plenty of activities to keep you occupied so you’ll never get bored!

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